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India does not align with any particular or single religious or cultural influence, rather its myriad dimension incorporates numerous religious, cultural streams and sections.
Tajmahal - Agra

Dos & Donts

  1. Do not try to explore Indian roads by your own. Mazy streets are often very puzzling. Indian hotels and tour agents have excellent arrangement of cars or you can easily book a private car or hire a taxi, which are available.
  2. Do take care of your documentation. Take a note of all the important phone numbers of places you might plan to visit. Important phone numbers like ambulance, local police station, embassy's number etc should always be with you.
  3. India is a conservative country especially in the countryside . Do dress modestly if you are female. Indian dresses are colorful and cover the whole body but very awkward for the first timer. So stick to western clothing but avoid skimpy dresses.
  4. Do study up on the places you wish to visit – it will not only bring knowledge but also an appetizer for future travel.
  5. To know the intricate details of the place, do talk to strangers in airport, hotels, stations, and streets. Unlike normal notion Indians are less threatening.
  6. Do prepare yourself at the earliest. Indian traffic and roads are hapless.
  7. Don’t display overt affection in public places with the member of opposite sexes.
  8. Do not carry much cash with you. In every nook of a town you’ll find ATMs.
  9. If you desire to make any changes in your itinerary or to domestic tickets in India, do consult your travel agent for the best advice.
  10. Do greet people with big smile. Handshake with ladies especially in rural areas should be avoided.
  11. If possible do cover yourself with travel insurance and mediclaim.
  12. While traveling in the train, do take care of your luggage even at the first class compartment.
  13. Street smartness is indispensable on Indian streets. Crook can easily pick the scapegoat. So do not act puzzled and terrified.
  14. Do exchange money only through authorize banks or money changers.
  15. Do immunized yourself against various diseases like typhoid, malaria, hepatitis and tetanus that are prevalent in India.
  16. If you are on medication, please do remember to have adequate supply of both prescriptions and medicines. Carry a doctor's certificate to avoid possible problems with customs procedures and also with local doctors. Above are the india do's & dont's, do's & dont's in india, travelling do's & dont's which should be always followed.